Valery Zyuz

Mirror of your soul

Art is a physical manifestation of your inner world

Art is a mirror of your soul. Art shows you something that you can not see in a regular mirror, it shows you emotions. Therapists use art to uncover issues that people find hard to talk about. Sometimes when you process your emotions you start to judge them, to give them explanations. The mind will try to define you and usually not in your favor. Art may release you from the struggle.

         Your mind will try to interrupt your experiences with ideas of what you should feel like, and if it’s good or bad. Art skips the explanation part and jumps straight to the action of creation. You become a creator of your experience, without judging it. Art releases you from your false definitions of what is good and what is bad. It gives you the chance to fully experience yourself. 

           Art is a physical manifestation of your inner world. If you are brave enough to look, you may discover your reflection in anything you create. I used to hide my face in my self-portraits, not because I thought it was a wonderful artistic trick, but because I felt  I could not look straight at myself without unease feeling. Art is changing and growing with me. 

You see yourself in your art, painter in paintings, photographer in photography, etc. It doesn't matter what you do, are you a stand-up comedian or ballet dancer your art will always reflect you. At the moment you free yourself from your own ideas and let the art be, you become a true creator.

Do I have to struggle for creation?

          You create out of what you experience, and it doesn’t matter what it is. Your creations will always be a reflection of you. If you experience your life as suffering you’ll create out of it. There is no such thing as a struggling artist, there is a struggling person, who came to be an artist.  Art has no conditions,  it’s a mirror.  It shows you who you’re. 

An artist may keep the struggle in his life excusing it as good for his art. But it’s an illusion, it’s fear of change and fear of losing the ability to create. You can not lose the art. You can change and your art will change, but it will always stay your beautiful mirror for better and worse.