Valery Zyuz

Through fear and doubts

Overcoming yourself

Fear and doubts are following us in every new adventure. They are our trusted companions that inform us about possible failures and impossible horror stories.

           Every transformation is a journey. This journey is already begun. You may not know where are you going, you may not know what transformations will occur. But you have this call for adventure, you know that you must go. The same way the caterpillar spin a cocoon to become a butterfly, without realization of what a butterfly is. Caterpillars are driven by nature, they have no fears, no judgments, no doubts. But we do, we do have them all. We don’t trust the world the way caterpillars do. 

Unlike a caterpillar, in order to make a step forward, we have to face all our fears, judgments, and doubts. We have to, otherwise, it will interfere with your journey. Instead of going to adventure, we may walk in circles, paralyzed by fear to do the next turn into the dark and unknown. 

          An unknown is a fearful place for the creator, where his creations are judged, imperfect, and the scariest one, they are mediocre. The fear who rules them all really is the fear of not being loved. When you afraid that your creations will be criticized or left unnoticed what you really afraid of is that YOU will be criticized or unnoticed. Your creations are precious and vulnerable extensions of you.

          How do you protect the most precious and vulnerable parts of you? You love it and take responsibility. You love it and care about it from the first step. Like you would love and protect the child who just learning to walk. All judgment and doubts in your head are fears of the unknown that your own mind is creating trying to protect you. It has nothing to do with your actual creation. Your creation is always as it's supposed to be at that moment. It is always good and always changing, exactly like you. Your fears are there just to inform you that you are going to unknown territory, don't let it stop you from creating. 

          Start this adventure with no doubts, like a caterpillar who confidently wraps himself into the darkness to become a butterfly. Fears will always rise, every time you start a new adventure and step into the unknown.  Next time we'll let art help us deal with fear and other emotions. We'll face them through our creation, we'll start to explore.