Valery Zyuz

Do you trust the process?

Art may give you a chance to grow

The hardest step towards freedom is to release control. Art gives a place where you can be yourself. Art has no rules, no limitations. Are you ready to be free? Do you believe in art and can follow it blindly to discover who you really are?

          The biggest and the hardest step of becoming a creator is to release control. We are afraid of the chaos that will appear where we may not survive. We use education, rules, ideas to give ourselves a sense of control. We limit ourselves ahead of time, even before we begin.  If I ask you to draw a straight line on a blank piece of paper, you will be stressed if the line comes out not straight enough. You'll try to fix it. It's not easy to release a crooked line as it's scary to live in chaos.  

         Art has no rules, no limitations. It may be a pure expression of who you're in the moment of creation. You fully explore yourself only when you are free. Once you have no limits, you start to choose your rules, you commit to them. You become a creator. Art becomes your playground where you can explore yourself and the world around you. When you trust your intuition there are no limits, only endless possibilities. 

Art is a safe place to explore the chaos. Thousands of crooked lines may show you something that one perfectly straight line would not be able to. So take a blank paper and draw a crooked line than another one, till the point you see yourself creating out of chaos.  Art is always a reflection of who you are at the moment and it helps you to recognize your own limits. Limitations that were brought on you before your own exploration slow down your potential growth as an artist and as a human being. 

           It doesn't matter what type of art you do if you consider yourself an artist or not. Art is a universal language of the human soul. We have a fundamental need to explore and create. Art may give you a chance to grow if you trust the process. You dive into the chaos of no limits to discover yourself and become a creator. You may create pieces for the biggest galleries or scribble during the coffee break, art always will be your reflection and give you a chance to grow.